We make brands interesting.
We make interesting brands.

Sergeant Walnuts is a creative agency. We build brands that command attention.

We’re based in Manchester, but we work with people all over the world, building brands and creating communications that are distinctly interesting and difficult to ignore.


If it reassures you that we’ve worked with big brands, we’ve worked with some of the biggest.

And if you like the idea that we’ve delivered work all around the world, then we’ve done that too.

Armed with a hard-earned understanding of building brands and a handpicked team of award-winning creatives, our aim is to work with people we like (and who like us back).


clients wanted.

George Bernard Shaw spoke of the power of unreasonable people. Those who demand difference and expect more; those who refuse to accept the ordinary. He said all human progress depends on unreasonable people. That makes unreasonable people our kind of people.

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