Rising Tide

Brand Creation / Naming / Identity / Strategy / Brand Foundations

Riding the AI wave with a human touch to brand creation

The utility and potential of AI is exciting, but it can be hard to comprehend. That’s why you need experts in your corner. Someone you trust, to cut through the chaos and uncertainty of AI hype. To harness its power and use it in the right way. 
Combining proven business insight, hard-earned consultancy experience, and deep technical expertise, our client needed a new brand name and identity to showcase the incredible value they offer. 


Previously called Enabl AI, we worked closely with the team to develop a new brand name that reflects both what they do, and the manner in which they do it. With a nod to AI’s rapid growth and the team’s desire to lift their clients up through the adoption and effective implementation of innovative technology solutions, ‘Rising Tide’ was born. 


We crafted the line ‘Artificial Intelligence, Intelligently Applied’ then used those AI initials to construct a brand icon that mimics a tidal marker. It was one of those pleasing moments where everything just came together. From there, we built a clean, contemporary and distinctive brand identity system to reflect the innovations in Rising Tide’s offering, and the clarity of their advice. 


We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sergeant Walnuts and always looked forward to the update meetings. They worked closely with us to understand our requirements and the brand they designed far exceeded our expectations. It’s been a really great experience and we’ll definitely be working with them again in the future. 

Iain McKeith
Co-Founder, Rising Tide