Still Human

Brand Creation / Naming / Visual Identity / Strategy / Comms / Website

Building a brand that supports the wellbeing of staff in education

Working with our long-term clients, The Edwin Group, we were tasked with helping to build a new brand for their newly acquired business. A business that focusses on looking after the wellbeing of teachers - using mindfulness and other similar techniques.

Our new brand needed to be approachable, easy to understand, but also convey the peace and serenity we hope to help people achieve.


As naming projects go, this one was a challenge. But we put the work in, and loved 'Still Human' the instant it came to mind. It all stemmed from the idea that teachers have an incredibly rewarding but difficult job. They go above and beyond with passion and dedication. Their time is rarely their own. Frequently pushed to their limits, serving others in incredible ways, but often at the expense of their own wellbeing. Superhuman, maybe. But ‘Still Human’ nonetheless.


As well as naming the brand, we developed an identity to help amplify themes of serenity and calm. Encouraging teachers to relax, breathe, and be still. Tone of voice was key – we needed it to be down-to-earth, and straightforward, in order to make people who are unfamiliar with the practice of mindfulness more comfortable. To reassure them that it’s rooted in proven science, that it’s for everyone, and that it just works.


It's the nature of the beast that, in our industry, some jobs are simply more rewarding than others. This was one of those. We're very proud to help bring the Still Human vision to life and to play our small part in supporting the ongoing wellbeing of teachers and support staff in UK education.


We opted to work with Sergeant Walnuts because of their fresh and creative approach – and they didn’t disappoint. They are great listeners, and really took the time to get to know us. We are delighted with the outcome and people always comment on how lovely our brand is. Sergeant Walnuts are undoubtedly highly skilled and talented, but above all that, just an absolute joy to work with.

Julie Liddell
Founder, Still Human